James D. Moore is a Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) in Bible and ancient Near Eastern Studies. He translated Leviticus for the Antioch Bible (Gorgias Press) and has published on sacrificial terminology. He is currently finishing a dissertation that focuses on narrative portrayals of the ancient scribal profession, particularly in The Story of Aihqar and in the Jeremiah and Baruch narrative. He has written a Brandeis Master’s Thesis on ancient compositional techniques and the invention of religious texts in the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible. Before attending Brandeis, he wrote a Master’s Thesis on wordplays in Biblical Hebrew at Vanguard University of Southern California where he also took a B.A. in religion. He has read papers at West Coast and New England regional SBL meetings––at one of which winning best student paper. He has also read papers at national SBL meetings on topics including: North West Semitic grammar, Israelite scribal culture, and the Syriac Version of Leviticus. He was the lead organizer of the Dead Sea Scrolls graduate conference at Brandeis University during the university’s work with the Museum Science Boston and the Israel Antiquities Authority.